North Carolina based artist, Caroline Mason is an emerging multi-instrumentalist composer of indie electronic, art rock music.

From an early age Caroline has been drawn to finding connection to the depths of human emotion and how music has the ability to take us to those inner places. Her musical expressions naturally find ways to exist technically, as she seamlessly layers numerous melodic and atmospheric sounds together, both instrumentally and vocally.  

Caroline quickly learned to play guitar at age 10 and immediately began writing songs. By high school she was experimenting with loop and effects pedals in more unconventional ways, which became a main source for her songwriting and performances well into adulthood. 

The ability to build looping sonic layers, live on the spot from scratch with guitar and vocals became a foundational way for Caroline to express herself musically, tapping into the more subconscious and experimental processes of songwriting.

Caroline's co-produced breakout EP, 'That Feeling Inside,' released in 2022 is an extension of her experimental roots with more full instrumentation and an electronic flair. She goes well beyond the sonic possibilities of what simply a guitar and loop pedal can do by adding an array of instrumentations and diving into the world of synthesis.

After living in Portland, OR for a decade, Caroline moved back to North Carolina in 2020, having played and toured in bands and studied music recording technologies while living there.  

Caroline is currently pursuing a degree in Songwriting & Producing Music from Berklee College of Music online, while continuing to work on new song releases from her home studio.

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